Patent.  D785,738

Patent.  D785,738

New boards now available!

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Clear SUP™

Whether you're paddling in the ocean, a lake, or a river... the SUPmarine is a giant upgrade that's clearly different from the rest!

Bamboo Bonus

Many of our SUPmarine boards include a layer of bamboo veneer.  We think bamboo is extremely stylish... So much so you'll want to hang these boards on your wall as ART!  In addition to good looks... Bamboo is extremely durable, lightweight, and Eco-friendly.

Looks sexy and is sustainable too?!  That's what we call the Bamboo Bonus.

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LED System

Optional:  glassed-in LED's or removable kits/inserts.  Why stop adventuring once the sun sets?!  A giant glow around your board creates an awesome "Avatar feeling" and also allows you to search for nocturnal marine life!  Several paddlers even use the lights to increase success in fishing and catching lobsters

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